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The Best Film About School

The Best Film About School
The Best Film About School

Nowadays there are so many educational films that we can watch. For teachers/academics/parents, these films can be used as a source of inspiration, motivation to add insight into educating and understanding children's character.

A good film, not just a film starring actors/actresses with good acting or cinematography that spoils the eyes. Education is one of the inserts that can be embedded in a film to convey a message.

Here are movie recommendations about education that can inspire you.

1. The Ron Clark Story

Inspired by the story of an energetic and intelligent young teacher, the film The Ron Clark Story was made. Repeating the struggles of Clark, a teacher at a school in New York City, making him the best teacher. Classes with unruly students often make many teachers unable to teach in these classes.

Days passed. By the same rules, Clark managed to build a good relationship with the students and their parents. Clark is intelligent and innovative has made the students love him very much.

2. The First Grader

This film contains the inspirational story of a Kenyan grandfather, Kimani Ng'ang'a Maruge, as the oldest person (84 years old) enrolled in elementary school (Guiness Book).

After starting his initial class, Maruge was distracted by his childhood memories. He began to hallucinate and become confrontational with the other students, struggling to continue his academics. After all the conflicts he experienced, he was finally invited to address international leaders at the United Nations, New York on the power of education.

3. Lean On Me

Lean on Me is a biopic that tells the true story of a black school principal named Joe Clark aka “Crazy Joe”. Told a black school principal who is none other than Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman) in instilling discipline in each of his students who are notoriously unruly. Many people consider Clark authoritarian, arrogant, and selfish because he likes to impose his own will without caring about others.

Despite this, Clark is said to have succeeded as a principal who was loved, respected, hated, and feared. Lean on Me gives a simple message that is to produce young people who are useful in society.

4. Lost in Translation (2003)

Although not focused on education, Lost in Translation is known for its ability to increase one's desire to travel. This film tells the story of two people who are traveling in Tokyo. The two of them met and had difficulty in language.

5. Dangerous Minds

In learning activities, a teacher must be able to adapt the system adopted in teaching to class conditions. At least, that's a bit of the message that Dangerous Minds wants to convey. Where a teacher named Louanne Johnson has difficulty and is almost frustrated with the situation of the students in her class, who are on average lower economic status and have gangs.

Louanne, who previously served as a marine, began to show her assertiveness in teaching. Gradually, Louanne, who was previously disapproved of by her students, began to gain a place and they even assigned the title "light" to her.

6. Bad Genius

Tells the life of Lynn, a genius girl who makes cheats as her business field after being suggested by her two friends, Grace and Bank.

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