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Top Movies Apps For Andorid

Top Movies Apps For Andorid
Top Movies Apps For Andorid

Admittedly, watching movies online from free movie watching apps is a fun activity. You can watch any cinema movie directly without having to leave the house.

Surely many of us really like watching movies or dramas, both from Indonesia and internationally. Usually we watch movies when we are on vacation or just fill our spare time. However, there are some people who still don't know what movie streaming apps on Android are legal and easy to access.

In this discussion we will discuss any android application that can be used to watch movies Top Movies Apps For Andorid

1. Netflix

This movie streaming application is known as a provider of movies, series, dramas, to anime, to variety shows. You can enjoy a variety of content just by downloading Netflix.

You can also enjoy very clear HD quality videos. However, you need a capable smartphone to be able to activate this feature


Who hasn't heard of this one application? HOOQ is a video on demand streaming service application that officially operates in Indonesia. This application provides thousands of films and television series from within and outside the country that you can watch. Fun again, all movies and series are guaranteed with HD quality.

3. Pluto TV

The Pluto TV app may sound familiar to some. Connoisseurs of watching movies online mostly use Netflix and WeTv to watch the movies and series they like.

However, try switching to Pluto TV, guys. Application released by Pluto, Inc. it's 100% free and legal to use. Pluto TV APK is not tied to a contract or credit card agreement to use it.

4. VIU

For Korean drama lovers, you must download VIU. Besides being able to watch dramas for free, you can also enjoy Indonesian subtitles on VIU.

If you want to access more exclusive content, you can start subscribing to VIU. The VIU application can be downloaded on the Play Store with an application size of 13 MB. You can also download movies on VIU for offline viewing

5. Crackle

This one application has advantages that make it the choice of some people over other applications. Yes, Crackle is a movie watching application that can be accessed on almost all devices, including smartphones, smart TVs and game consoles. Of course also with a wide selection of films and TV series available.

6. iFlix

If it turns out that you can't access Netflix because you use a certain operator that blocks it, maybe iFlix can be your next choice.

iFlix is ​​the best free movie streaming app on Android. You can immediately download it on the Google Play Store without having to pay an additional fee.

7. Tubi

Tubi is a movie watching app for Android and iOS with a lot of advantages. Unlike Filmrise, Tubi offers a wide selection of films and programs, from newly released films to anime, Korean dramas, and English series. One other feature that makes Tubi special is that it lets you cast your phone's screen to your television using Chromecast or AirPlay, so you don't have to spend all your time staring at the touchscreen.

8. Cinema Box

It is an application that provides the best box office films in the world. Can be downloaded via playstore with a size of 4.5 MB. There are many choices of movies that can be streamed for free. Both Android and iOS OS users can download the application.

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