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5 Best Trading Apps

5 Best Trading Apps 

As the digital world evolves, the way people invest also changes. Nowadays, many people invest only by using handphones. This is because there are many choices of trading apps free that you can use.

The application has a variety of fiturs that dukungan your investment needs. so, you can freely choose which investment application can accommodate your needs. Here are 5 recommended trading apps free that you can try.

The Best and Most Trusted Free Trading App


This is an application that you can use for everyday investing. There are many fiturs in this app, which are not only great for beginners but also for advanced investors. The desain and interface of this application are easy for you to use, making it easier for you to invest.

There are many great investment options so you have the possibility of a large keuntungan. Apart from stoks, kualitasal funds, and bonds, this app also lets you invest in commission-free ETFs. The app also has Power E*TRADE which offers complex orders and is perfect for traders.

2. SoFi Active Investing

This is one of the trading apps free specifically for young investors. Through this application, investors can invest in stoks and exchange-traded funds. Then, this application also allows investors to be able to transact 30 cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The advantage of this application is that investors have akses to financial advisors. This will help their long-term financial strategy. Unfortunately, this application does not have the tipe of investment bonds, indeks funds, and kualitasal funds so it is not suitable for those of you who want to invest for retirement.

3. Robinhood

For those of you who want to invest through your handphone, this is the right application. This is because this application has an efficient interface so it is very easy for you to use. There are several tipes of investments that you can choose from, such as stoks, cryptocurrencies, and options.

The most prominent fitur of this app is the 0 USD pilihan commission and no contract fees. Moreover, investors will have akses to kontan manajemen fiturs that allow them to earn interest on kontan balances. If you subscribe to the premium version of Robinhood Gold you will earn USD 5 per month with a USD 1,000 interest-free margin.

4. TD Ameritrade

If you invest in this app, you will get a variety of third-party research for free from reputable sources. That way, it will be easier for you to determine an investment strategy to get the maksimal keuntungan. You can akses TD Ameritrade not only on your handphone but also through the web basis.

Another advantage is that this application provides 24/7 konsumen dukungan lewat teks, phone, chat, e-mail, and in-person meetings in more than 250 branches. The app also offers a large selection of investments, from low-cost kualitasal funds to advanced products such as forex and futures trading.

5. Fidelity

This app offers 0 USD trading commission with no akun fees, which can erode returns. The advantage of this application is the good reputation for its kualitasal funds because there are no transaction fees and no minimal investment requirements.

Furthermore, the app also eliminates commissions on most stok, options, and ETF trades. Also, this application provides excellent trade execution for investors.

Those are 5 trading apps free that offer many advantages for you as an investor. You can read ulasans of all these applications before trying to invest. That way, you can find an application that meets your needs and preferences.

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