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Best Trading Apps for Beginners

Best Trading Apps for Beginners

These days, trading has become quite populer among young or old people. With many trading apps available in the pasar, trading has become easy and beneficial. But what are the best apps to use, and which should beginners start from?

Most people trade to make more money in a shorter period and for investment in the future. However, what people do not know notice that trading always has a risk. Now to help you out identify the risks, here are some trading apps that users can use.

Great Trading App for Beginners in 2022

1. Fidelity Investments

The first app on the daftar that users can use is Fidelity Investments. This app is great for beginners because it has an educational resource that will show you how to trade from the very start and what it means.

The information in the app is also delivered by video, infographics to podcasts, which makes it easy for beginners to understand. Last, they have an innovative Youth Akun that is made for teenagers.

However, this app is not recommended for profesional or active traders because it may fall short. So, if you are an active pemakai it is better to find a better app.

2. Ameritrade

One of the best trading apps for 2022 is Ameritrade. In this app, users can find futures and forex trading which has become quite populer these days.

For those who are new to trading, don't worry because Ameritrade has many fiturs where users can learn how to trade. Some of the fiturs they provide are charting with technical studies to videos that will explain the stoks.

The only con about Ameritrade is the high fee per trade. The app will charge $6.95 per penny stok to the users. And last, they have no akses to the international stok markets.


If you're not brave to start straight into the pasar, then try E*TRADE. The app offers practice trading, where people can practice how to trade. E*TRADE will help by suggesting what to do, so make sure to take some catatan.

To make it easier for beginners, the app also provides a great selection of trading tools for users to use. Therefore, users can choose the best one!

However, compared to other peers, E*TRADE has limited educational materials. So, if you tend to practice with this app but make sure to read other sources too, to get more knowledge.

4. Webull

An app that provides a unique community for its users to discuss is Webull. With this app, users can discuss with other users the stoks in the pasar to the risks that they will face.

Overall, Webull is great for young investors because it is easy to use and offers many kinds of trading. Even though it is for beginners, this app also offers cryptocurrency trading.

Unfortunately, this app is not available for any phone sistem. Therefore, if you want to use it you have to unduh it on your PC.

Overall, these trading apps are great for beginners. However, before making an akun make sure to read the termin and conditions of each app, so you know the risks and benefits of each app!

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