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Best App Trading Stocks

Best App Trading Stocks
Best App Trading Stocks

Best App Trading Stocks - Ordering lunch. Paying a bill. Treking your daily steps. Handphone tasks like these have become everyday habits for millions of people, and now, so has stok trading and investing.

In the highly competitive realm of U.S. online stokbrokers, having a viable mobile app is simply table stakes — for traditional, full-service brokerages like Fidelity and Charles Schwab as well as upstart trendsetters like Robinhood and Webull. The best trading apps are the ones in this crowded field that best suit your particular needs and preferences.

The best stok pasar apps will stand out across all categories: They'll be easy to use, have excellent desain, deliver a fully fiturd online trading pengalaman and, not least, offer $0 stok and ETF trades.

For our 2022 Annual Ulasan, we meticulously tested 15 hebat stok trading apps and ulasaned each one across more than 25 different fiturs. To skor high marks, a broker had to provide an excellent stok trading pengalaman across many usability categories. Testing was conducted using an iPhone XS (Apple iOS) and Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Android).

Best Stok Trading Apps 2022

2022 StokBrokers.com annual ulasan badge

Here are the online brokers with the best stok pasar apps in 2022.

E*TRADE - 5 Stars - Best Stok App for Traders

TD Ameritrade - 5 Stars - Best App for Options

Fidelity - 5 Stars - Best Stok App for Investors

Interactive Brokers - 4.5 Stars - Best for Professionals

TradeStation - 4 Stars - Great for Tools and Technology

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