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7 Best Streaming Movies Apps

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The Netflix lineup is very diverse. There are Hollywood films that have been shown in theaters, Asian films, to Netflix original films themselves.

The many quality Netflix movies that you can watch, will definitely make your days at home less boring.

Until now, Netflix has produced original films and series in various genres, from teen romance dramas to horror genres that can give you goosebumps.

The good thing about Netflix is ​​that you can watch movies from various gadgets. The best choice does come from smartphones so that viewing pleasure can be done anywhere. In addition, you can watch the best Netflix movies on PCs, laptops, and smart-TVs.

Here are recommendations for the best Netflix movies with high ratings that are ready to accompany your free time.

1. The Last Thing He Wanted

Actress Anne Hathaway is the main character in this one of the best Netflix films of 2020, 'The Last Thing He Wanted'. This film is adapted from a novel by Joan Didion with a background story about a political thriller.

The Last Thing He Wanted tells the story of a journalist who tries to stop special coverage of the 1984 United States Election in order to take care of his sick father.

2. Cargo

Cargo is an Australian film that depicts a zombie outbreak. Andy Rose (Martin Freeman) with his wife and child managed to survive and take shelter around the river. But unfortunately, his wife was accidentally bitten by a zombie. Andy was forced to kill his beloved wife.

Unexpectedly, Andy was also bitten. Andy has 49 hours to get his son to safety before he turns completely into a zombie.

3. Set It Up

The film, starring Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell, has a simple story, perfect for the Netflix slogan and chill. These two work colleagues try to match their bosses. While trying to manage it, unwittingly the seeds of romance emerge between Deutch and Powell.

Pretty cheesy right? But believe me, Set It Up will make you smile to yourself and let go of fatigue after a hard day's work. In fact, Netflix should release more light films like this.

4. All the Bright Places

Cinema nuanced teen romance drama seems to often dominate trending Netflix movies, one of which is the film All the Bright Places which airs on February 28, 2020.

The best Netflix film 2020, starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, tells the story of a girl named Violet who is almost depressed after being left by her brother.

Violet turned quiet and very secretive. However, the presence of a man named Theodore Finch gradually changed Violet for the better.

5. Bird Box

Bird Box is a very phenomenal film at the beginning of its release. Sandra Bullock, who plays a mother named Malorie, must struggle to live from the terror of an invisible creature. If someone saw the creature, then he would kill himself spontaneously.

6. Ride or Die

Ride or Die is a psychological thriller wrapped in an interesting drama to watch. Rei Nagasawa (Kiko Mizuhara) is a lesbian who has long been attracted to her classmate, Nanae Shinoda (Honami Sato). Since graduating from school they haven't seen each other for a long time until Nanae finally invites Rei to meet.

It turned out that Nanae was often beaten and tortured by her husband. Seeing Nanae's blue and bruised body, Rei decides to go and kill Nanae's husband. These two couples eventually became fugitives and their adventures were not necessarily spiced up with a fine love affair.

7. Bo Burnham: Inside

If you're looking for a thought-provoking film that reflects real life during a pandemic, then Bo Burnham: Inside is the place to be. The film depicts Burnham's deteriorating mental health during quarantine. Burnham literally describes everything about 2020, from pandemics and the internet to mental health, and there's a catchy list of songs that are great to listen to to just stay at home. This film also has a darker comedian side and the visuals are fantastic

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