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Trading Demo

Trading Demo
Trading Demo

Learn to trade using a demo account

Learn to trade forex, stock indices, oil, gold and silver using a demo account. A demo account is an account where you practice trading on real-time markets using virtual funds, much like an athlete needs to train before a match. Your potential success in trading, must go through the process of practicing in a demo account.

Advantages of GKInvest demo trading account

There are many benefits of learning to trade using a demo account. For novice traders this is an effective way for you to learn to trade by opening and closing positions. How to practice using a demo account you can feel the real market conditions. this is the most effective way before diving directly into the world of trading and you can find out whether your trading strategy is efficient or not. 

In addition to beginner traders, demo accounts are also indispensable for experienced traders to learn trading and continue to hone and perfect their trading techniques. When you try, discover or develop new techniques and strategies, you really need to test them whether the trading technique or strategy is profitable or even making you lose.

Learn to trade with a demo trading account

 Trading at GKInvest has a demo version, besides that we also offer a lot of very interesting trading instruments that you can try. Find out more what you can trade on a demo trading account:

Forex Instruments (19 Currencies)

Stock Index




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